No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. (Aesop)

Tomorrow, we’ll bid farewell to two wonderful friends. They’ll go in two different directions, for two different reasons.

Daisy, foster setter #5 is headed to New Jersey to become a beloved pet of a family who has always loved dogs, always had dogs, and after losing their long-time pet in the fall, are ready to open their home to a new friend. All dogs want this, and all dogs deserve this. And there is none more deserving than sweet Daisy!


Bridgette, foster setter #4 is off to Raleigh, to another ACES foster home. Bridgette’s a fence jumper. Who would have guessed that the oldest foster we’ve had to date would be the one athletic, nimble and determined enough to go over s 4-foot fence? But she is, and keeping a foster safe is one of the things that is paramount.

Bridgette is as sweet as Daisy – a grande dame of sorts. It’s hard to see Daisy go because she is so lovable, and a remarkable dog. But we know that the family awaiting her arrival in New Jersey has her food ready, new toys and a bed, and loving arms to embrace her for the rest of her life. Bridgette has to wait. The foster home she is going to is part of the ACES network, complete with a loving, experienced foster mom, and equipped for escape artists like her (in short, with a 6-foot privacy fence). She will be fine.

But she will still be a foster, and the first we’ve had who won’t be going to her forever home – and that’s just a different tug on our hearts.

It makes me wonder if they know? Do the foster setters who come in and out of our home know that we love them, and that sometimes (at least this time) our love has to be defined by saying a sooner-than-expected farewell? Do they feel both our kindness to them, as well as our hurt when they leave us?

It hurts. It hurts to bid Bridgette goodbye. I hope there’s a home for you soon, sweet girl, with acres and acres of land, a soft sofa with fleece pillows for your beautiful head, and hundreds of the squirrels you love to chase.


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