So, Aprill and I have to be out of town for a couple of days, off in two different directions. One thing has been on the calendar for months. The other came up quite unexpectedly.

Enter Lisa. Our good friend. Our pet sitter. Aprill’s co-pilot on many a foster transport. The little sister neither of our parents had for us. Our go-to. The only human present the day Henry caught his one and only rabbit and drug it around the backyard half dead. She knows the eccentricities of our house, our routine, our dog(s) and our life as well as anyone besides us.

So, after a long day of work as she assumed her role as surrogate Jones, she was as surprised as we would have been when foster setter #3 bolted out of his crate, out the back door and, within 30 seconds, did his best tasmanian devil right through the fence into complete and total freedom.


It is not a big hole. And foster setter #3 is a pretty big dog. But setters aren’t like other dogs. They’re weird. Bags of bones. They contort and twist and get themselves into positions that lovers of other breeds would not recognize as doglike.

Back out the front door in a flash, leash in hand, Lisa was greeted by the sight of our neighbor, walking back across his lawn toward our house with foster setter #3 in tow.

Enter Stan. Stan and Lil are the neighbors everyone wants. (You can’t have them.) Stan and Lil are early retirees, and have assumed the role of bail the Joneses out without warning friends (we are not sure if reluctantly or not). This role includes being our during-the-day, let-the-foster-out-of-his-crate, put-the-dogs-in-if-it-starts-to-storm, make-sure-there-are-no-unauthorized-dog-parties-on-the-patio foster team members. Apparently, this isn’t the first time today that foster setter #3 has done his escape act.

Lisa has a plan to fix it, but she’s a prisoner in a hire-most-things-done house. Limited tools. No materials. Stan always has the tool that you need but don’t have. He always seems to have the right supplies – raw materials to accomplish tasks. He is like living next door to a mini-Home Depot.


Within a few minutes, Stan and Lisa engineered and installed a quick fix. Crisis averted. For now.


But it’s a big fence. And two more days. And there are thunderstorms in the forecast.

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