They come in, and they steal part of your heart. Foster dogs.

And even though it’s why you do it, it’s always a little tough when you see them appear in the Available Dogs section of the ACES website.

But Doki’s made it. When you read the bio and look at his pictures, they just can’t capture what a great dog he is. Last night, when man’s best friends the other setters had abandoned me for a place on the sofa with Aprill, Doki made his way over and, for the first time, climbed into my lap. Doki is big. Gangly. But like any setter, he rolled around for a minute or two, got comfortable and settled in.

He’s going to make some family a wonderful pet. If we had some way of doing it, we’d keep every one of them. We’d have 100 setters and truly be a setter nation.

But while that would be great for us, it wouldn’t for Doki and all the great dogs that will follow – because Doki will shine brightest when the lap belongs only to him.



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