Well, Doki, foster setter #3 arrives today after a 5-stage transport from King George, VA. In fact, he is on his way as I write this. But, I haven’t written much about Liana, foster setter #2. Her story is compelling – rescued by the road next to her traveling companion who had been hit by a car. Loyal. Brave. The youthful guardian.

I haven’t written much about foster setter #2 because she did not remain a foster setter long enough. It may have been the minute I laid eyes on her. It may have been the second minute when Aprill got the picture I sent her in a text message. It’s even possible that it was later…like that evening when I returned to Charlotte from Fayetteville and she curled up on the rug in the family room to sleep off the rest of the anesthesia from surgery.

But it wasn’t long before we knew she would never leave the Jones home. She is one of the sweetest female setters ever. She has all of those characteristics that make a female setter lovable (sleeping on her back, howling at sirens, walking out the door in hunt position, crawling up in your lap to watch television), as well as those characteristics that, let’s just say, endear a female setter (digging for chipmunks in flower beds, rising with the first glimpse of sunlight, barking at ghosts). She loves Henry, and he loves her. She loves Boz, and he loves her. It was a perfect fit.

Home isn’t always as far away as it seems. For Liana, it was one car ride away from Fayetteville.

Now, let’s see how three dogs fit!


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