Have you ever had a honeybell?

If you have to think about the answer, it’s no – because if you’ve ever had a honeybell orange, it’s not something you ever forget.

Honeybell is the 21st century name for a tangelo. It’s a hybrid of a tangerine and (probably) a grapefruit. But they look like the most perfect orange you’ve ever seen. They are available in January and into early February, and then they are gone. They peel easily, and once peeled, seem to be about 98% juice – sweet juice. There is the occasional seed, but little pulp. It’s one of the great fruits anywhere. The company from which I order my honeybells even sends bibs (think “lobster bib”) with its orders.

My honeybell connection is Cushman’s Fruit Company. Cushman’s is a great company. They communicate just the right amount and deliver as promised.

This year, when my honeybells arrived, I did what I always do. I opened the box, pulled out an orange and ate it. Unfortunately, the first orange I pulled out was overripe, almost rotting. I consider ordering fruit a bit of a crapshoot – getting a rotted piece is not an impeachable act. I threw the orange away and selected another which was perfect – very juicy and tasty. Later in the day, I selected another and it was also overripe. Two out of three less than perfect honeybells. Nothing like this had ever happened before. Hmm. I started looking into the box and a number of the fruit were in fairly poor condition.

So, I did what I always do. I went to Cushman’s website and sent a message about the fruit. I applauded the company and its product, but expressed my disappointment at the quality this shipment. (It bears repeating that this had never happened before.)

Within 24 hours I had an email promising a replacement shipment.

That’s the way you do business. Offer a unique product, deliver as promised and correct your mistakes when you make them.

Hurry – you can still order your honeybells. But February’s coming…

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  1. lynn says:

    Greg Ashworth sent me your link. I foster dogs in Macon, Ga. Help support a no kill shelter called All About Animals. You can like All About Animals Rescue on fb. I will keep reading your blog. May God bless your efforts!

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