I had lunch today with a friend. We get together about once a year, and it’s almost always over Mexican food.

Today, our choice was San Antonio in the South Park area of Charlotte. San Antonio is the newest restaurant from Frank Manzetti. For years, Manzetti’s was one of the best restaurants in Charlotte. We ate there often, and were never disappointed. (One of my best memories of living in Charlotte’s was being at Manzetti’s the night before the Panthers/Cowboys playoff game in 2003.)

San Antonio follows in the tradition. Great food, and a good atmosphere.

But there is one thing that San Antonio does that I find aggravating. Why offer chips the size of an oak leaf if you’re gonna offer a bowl of salsa with a 1 1/2 inch rim? Do the math! Try it out. I have to break each chip 3 times to dip into that salsa.

If my mom were here she’d say “there are people who would give anything for chips and salsa” and she’s right. But think…think…about the customer experience.

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