I’m coming clean (for anyone who doesn’t know me). I’m a music addict. I love music. I listen to it almost constantly. I have 9,000+ songs on my iPod. I have hundreds of CDs and hundreds more LPs. I listen to the radio when I don’t have my own music handy.

But now, I almost always have my music handy because I have Rhapsody. I was always a naysayer to music subscription services. “Why rent music when you can own it?” Well, I now know that renting it is much better than owning it. What a collection I now have – at my fingertips at home, in my office or even when I walk the dog. It streams in – my favorites like Jackson Browne, Steely Dan, Josh Kelley, Adele and Jared Anderson. And I can try out new artists like Zee Avi (who is really good, by the way) with one click.

All for $9.95 per month. Unlimited play. Always works. A great company.

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