Last week, I was in Orlando. The land of Disney. The airport with the largest baggage claim area of them all. Charlotte (where I live) is a connection. You can stand on one end of baggage claim and bounce a Nerf ball off the wall on the other end. Orlando is a destination. Tee up a golf ball, pull out a 2-iron and, if you keep it low, you might make it across.

I got a rental car for the week and I chose it not on brand, but on price. $109 for the week. It happened to be Enterprise.

Expecting an average (actually, a below average) experience, Enterprise knocked it out of the park. The desk in the terminal was short and sweet. Nothing more than a verification of information and I was sent on my way. When I walked (no shuttle!) through a tunnel and into the car rental area, I was greeted with a smiling attendant who walked me directly to my car. Paperwork was done. I got in, drove to the exit and was out. Entire time: <10 minutes.

That’s the way it should be, and could be, if everyone cared about the customer experience as much as Enterprise.

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