For some, it is the ocean, with its sand and foam, the crash of its waves and the smell of salty sea air. Shellfish, oysters or any number of fish (grilled, blackened or fried) fill the evening menus and a good book or the search for shells on a long, morning walk are balm for the soul.

For some, it is a lake, with its glasslike, morning shine, and the rhythmic splash caused by the wake of any number of boats. The smell of burgers or hot dogs or breaded catfish fill the air at dusk, and a night fishing excursion or sitting around a campfire clear the mind of the distractions of life.

For some, it is a river, flowing along, passively or aggressively. The gentle gurgling of its slow movement or the loud rush of its massive volume create a sense of quiet harmony either way.

For some, it is quite different. The steam rising over an early morning golf course. A cup of coffee and a morning paper. An afternoon tailgating before the game. A shopping spree to a large, neighboring city.

For me, it is the mountains. Too many reasons to mention…other than they cleanse my palate for the rest of life. I will have mountains. Soon.

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