My life revamp has been shaping up well. Several weeks ago (in Chapter 1), I revealed that I was turning off my work email at home. That was a great move. It has re-established a personal boundary that I did not fully realize how much I missed.

If this is an option for you, I highly recommend it. Chapter 2 involves de-cluttering.

Walk into our house, and the first word that will come to your mind will not be clutter. Aprill and I have very similar tastes in home decor, and a concept that we love is open. We love space. We don’t, nor have we ever, filled every corner with something. We’re not big on knick-knacks, bric-a-brac, novelties, memorabilia, etc. We enjoy being able to walk on all sides of our furniture (the back of our sofa is as visible as the front).

Having written this, as a musician, I have lots of stuff. I’m fortunate to have a room in our house reserved for my musical endeavors…and equipment. It piles up. And not just equipment. Books, lyrics, cables, tapes, albums, CDs. They take up space. They devour space. And no matter how organized you try to be and how diligent you are to keep things in their rightful place, eventually, it looks like crap.

So I purposed that chapter 2 in my revamp would be to thoroughly clean every corner of the house that is mine.

Something you should know about musicians. We are obsessed with gear. We even have a name for our obsession. GAS – Gear Acquisition Syndrome. We cannot get enough gear and, here’s the bad part, cannot get rid of any of it. Once we have a new guitar or pedal or cable or gizmo, we want to have it always.

Having written that, my music room has been revamped. I did purge some unused equipment. I found a lot of packrat-level stuff that, in fact, I could do without. I’m pretty proud of that.

Today, I’m heading to my closet. I have no idea how many t-shirts I have – but there are a bunch. And a pair of snow pants and, if I’m not mistaken, there may even be a pair of bib overalls in there somewhere. Can you imagine me in a pair of bib overalls? Unfortunately, I have that picture in my mind.

Finally, I’ll tackle my other closet – a repository in one of our spare bedrooms that catches everything that I don’t know what to do with otherwise. The proper response would be take it to goodwill. And I eventually do. But that always happens after the item has spent some time in closet purgatory, waiting for its next phase of life.

Stay tuned.

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