For the last few weeks, I’ve been thinking about life. Deep topic. Lots of breadth. Lots of different angles from which one can look at life.

I’m pretty sure it started when I stumbled across a quote by Henry David Thoreau. It went something like this:

I fear that I might become so busy with my life that I miss living.

My life has always been busy. But lately, it has become so extremely busy that I seem to have lost control of it. Now, before I go any further, I realize fully that I’m not really in control at all. God is in control of all things. I believe that. But I also believe that He has given each of us freewill to make a lot of the decisions that dictate our days, weeks, months and years. And those decisions either contribute to our happiness or create levels of anxiety.

So I have decided to make some changes in how I live. I love change – all kinds of change, good and bad. Change stretches you – and good change almost always results in positive outcomes. Like you care, but I’ve decided to share my life changes with you here over the next few weeks. And you can hold me accountable to them. I’ve thought about them, and am convinced that they are good. Here’s the first:

I have turned work email off of everything in my home.

Now, I love Church at Charlotte. I enjoy my work there. I love being worship pastor, being surrounded by talented musicians and vocalists, and leading our community in worship each week. And I enjoy being part of the lives of so many wonderful and interesting people.

But like most things I become passionate about, I can love it too much. And I have.

When you tie the most important thing in your life (serving the risen Savior) to your profession, it can become all-encompassing. 24/7. Never let up. Email beeps at 10:45, and you’re thrust into the crisis of the next day or someone else’s crisis of the moment.

The truth is, 98% of crises are not crises at all. They can wait. The rub comes in the continual absorption of information, trivial or not, when we should be letting our minds rest or, at least, recreate. I know that in a true crisis, the people who really need me will give me a phone call. (With all the advances in communication, isn’t it funny that a phone call is still what we use when we absolutely, positively have to reach someone?)

So it’s over. If I purchased it with my own money – phone, laptop, iPad – I choose what’s on it. And work email is gone!

Stay tuned. I’ve got lots more. It’s going to be a fun autumn!

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