I’ve always loved movies and books that, somewhere near or at the end, expose a character as a fraud – an impostor – someone who isn’t who you think he or she was. Even better, I love it when the character is leading a double life.

A couple of years ago, I was walking Henry around a kinda distant area of our neighborhood. We don’t go that way often, but it is one particular route we take (we have many). Around a corner, there were two women (an adult woman and her mother) in the yard of a home that had been on the market and had recently sold. “New to the neighborhood” I thought. One of them made a comment about Henry and as I stopped, I noticed that all of the cars in the driveway had Tennessee license plates and University of Tennessee stickers. You cannot have enough Tennessee fans in your neighborhood.

We chatted for a couple of minutes – the usual…”he’s an English Setter. His name is Henry. He’s a great dog…” And we talked about Tennessee. They had moved from Nashville, but both families had a long line of members who had attended UT. As I left, I said, “well, I’m Chuck Jones…” and the woman replied, “wow, that’s my husband’s name, well, Charles Jones.” I didn’t meet Charles, so I can’t vouch for his existence. But she seemed trustworthy enough.

Fast forward to last Tuesday. I have never seen the woman again. I never met Charles. But I was walking that same route again and as I turned the corner, I could see one of those lawn storks planted in the front. I glanced in the driveway and there was a car with Tennessee license (“must still be the Joneses”).

As I came to the stork, I read it with some amazement. Same information you always see – name, weight, length. But it was the name of the newborn in the Jones family that got me.


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