I love mind exercises. I love to stretch my mind in as many ways as I can – reading new authors, listening to new musical artists, hearing and deciphering diverse opinions.

And writing. I love writing exercises. I like to be given challenges like “describe in 50 words or less.” Or best of all, the one-sentence story.

So here’s the deal. Can you tell a story in one sentence? If you can, how compelling can your one-sentence story be? Finally, what is the fewest number of words you can use and still have a good story? Here are a few of mine – some better than others:

  • When I reached under the car seat to get my quarter, I found the picture of our weekend in the mountains.
  • I thought the night couldn’t get any worse just before I tripped and broke the head off of my brother’s Oscar.
  • The cat who ate the canary was always a funny phrase until my cat ate my canary.
  • I didn’t see the red light and, lucky for me, the other driver didn’t see the green light.

Want to give it a shot? Use the comment section below and submit one, two or more. It’s fun. Give it a try!

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  1. Lisa says:

    In my dad’s words, “Lisa can take any short story and make it longer!” You’ve presented me with a great challenge!

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