The first time I ever heard David Wilcox was on a cut-out cassette tape that I bought purely on the thought that guy looks like someone I might like.

I did. And I do. He is one of my upper-tier favorites. It’s hard for me to choose my favorite David Wilcox song. Impossible, really. In fact, my first pick for Five for Friday was a song of his called Spin – but I couldn’t find a YouTube version of it (done by him), and I didn’t want to include two iTunes links in a row.

So, here’s what is arguably his best song anyway – Eye of a Hurricane. I suppose I’m kinda into story songs today, and this is one of the best, including one of my favorite lyrics of them all:

Tell the truth, explain to me how you got this need for speed,
She laughed and said, “might just be the next best thing to love.”


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  1. heidihowes says:

    Thanks for posting, love DW!

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