When someone asks me what kind of music I like best, I usually have the same response: I like almost any style of music as long as it’s done well. That’s the truth. My music collection contains a little bit of almost every genre of music.

Still, there are very, very few songs that are so good that I think I wish I’d written that song. But one of the very, very few is a song called The Summer of Love by Peter Nelson.

I don’t think there is any song I’ve ever heard that captures my emotions as much as this song, and I’ve heard a lot of songs. It is a story song. Nelson has written it in a voice that is real and completely believable. And his interpretation with rhythmic pauses at strategic junctures is near genius. You cannot listen to a clip – you have to listen to the song start-to-finish to feel its power. (If you’re like me, you’ll listen to it over and over.) It is about coming of age in a turbulent time in our history. It’s about how society and its expectations can impact our doing (or not doing) what we know is right. It’s about the realities of life, love and loss. It is truly one of the greatest songs I’ve ever heard.

For all I know, it’s the only song that Peter Nelson ever wrote. It isn’t on YouTube. It is found on an obscure compilation CD called Big Times in a Small Town, released in 1993. I can only provide you a link to the iTunes download. Trust me – this is one you want.


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