I woke up pretty early today. Today is a day I’ve been thinking about for years. Decades, really.

It’s funny to think back now on just how much time I’ve spent wondering what it would be like to stand before a group of people and share new music. I’ve stood in front of people for years and played music other talented writers have produced. But not much truly original music – music that hasn’t been played by or heard by anyone else.

Who knows when it started. I remember attending concerts in my teens and twenties and seeing great singer/songwriters like Jackson Browne, Dan Fogelberg, Karla Bonoff, Kenny Loggins, Michael Martin Murphy and others engaging audiences with the meanderings of their hearts and thoughts and thinking “there would probably be nothing more fun than that.”

Of course, for every name I’ve written above there are countless, long-forgotten songwriters that I’ve seen and heard who put their hearts and souls into their songs, too. Unfortunately, those songs didn’t strike a chord in the hearts of those who heard them. I would never call anyone’s song bad since songwriting is a heart venture. You can’t write a song without putting part of yourself in it. Still, some songs don’t resonate with anyone but the writer. (I suppose that’s OK, too.)

But it never really materialized for me – until tonight when I get to be part of a group of Christ followers who’ve put hearts and souls into songs about the greatness of God, the love of our Savior Jesus Christ and what it means to walk this planet as a broken vessel. There will be others involved who will put their hearts and souls into singing and performing those songs for the first time. And the greatest part about it all is that God will be glorified and the sovereignty of Jesus will be proclaimed.

“Sing your praise to the Lord. C’mon everybody, stand up and sing one more ‘hallelujah.'” (Rich Mullins)

Dream come true seems cliche. But I got nothing better.

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