There is something about having a morning…or a day…that is completely without agenda.

I don’t allow myself enough mornings without agenda. It’s my own fault. I am involved in so many things that I love that I just don’t want to slow down. So I schedule to the max – and when one thing is about to end that might allow me some room to breathe, I seem to always fill that time with something else. I agendize my life to the hilt. (I know – it’s not really a word but I like what I think it would mean.)

It’s also tough to have a clean agenda when the days you take off in a week are different than most of the world around you. Thursdays and Fridays are days when most people have full agenda. And sometimes, it’s inevitable that those agenda carry over to you. It happens.

But this morning, I’ve had no agenda.  I slept a little later than usual. Had some great coffee. Roasted some coffee beans. Did some business research online. Watched the rain fall. Played with Henry. Listened to some music (Robert Earl Keen – hard to beat).

Here’s a theme song for a morning with nothing special to do.

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  1. Cheri says:

    I’m adding “agendize” to my Mac dictionary. Thanks!

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