There are some things that I believe that I cannot prove. Here’s one.

I believe that in some way, angels inhabit the bodies of dogs and cats to comfort us in times of trouble.

I have no basis – biblical or otherwise – for this belief. But I still believe it. I’ve seen instances when animals have calmed, comforted and consoled people in a way that seems “other worldly” and completely out of the realm of what an animal could or should be expected to do.

So here’s my challenge to you. Write me a comment on something that you believe but cannot prove.

2 responses »

  1. Susan Rousey says:

    I believe that people are truly capable of whatever they believe they are truly capable of; that people can self-talk themselves into successfully completing or failing at just about any given task.

  2. Scott Evans says:

    Karma. Or the eventual outcome of a confrontation which involves me saying, “that’s okay, let them think they are getting what they want that way, they will eventually get what they deserve.”

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