When I was thinking about a new blog, my working title for it was Singing and Walking. Here was the idea.

There’s really nothing in life that I have loved and enjoyed more than music. I cannot remember a time when I wasn’t drawn to music. I have a recording of me singing “Wooly Booly,” “Henry the 8th” and “I’m Telling You Now” when I couldn’t have been more than 3 years old. (You can tell by the way I pronounce my words that I could barely talk – even though I did make a stab replicating Peter Noone’s English accent. Quite comical!) My dad plays electric guitar behind me, and introduces me as if it is a radio program.

I sing a lot. Always have. But now I have a job that allows me to sing as much as I want. Sometimes, it’s more than I want. But those times are so rare they aren’t worth mentioning.

I’ve been impacted by music and lyrics. As much as I enjoy great instrumental prowess, I love lyrics. And singing is all about the lyrics. There’s something about the poetry within a song story or the turn of a great line that wells up something inside me.

“Well I saw you through the laughter and the noise.
You were talking with the soldiers and the boys.
While they scuffled through your weary smiles, I thought of all the empty miles,
and the years that I spent looking for your eyes.”
(from “The Late Show” by Jackson Browne)

Pretty cool, huh?

These days, I also walk a lot. Sometimes I listen to music (the iPod is my favorite gadget of all time). But a lot of times, I listen to the library of songs inside my head – my songs, and the songs of others. There are so many.

I reflect on life a lot when I walk. The ups, the downs, and the sideways. It’s my time of day that I spend alone (well, I’m with Henry – but he doesn’t talk to me that much).

So two of the things I plan to write a lot about are the songs I sing (and the impact their lyrics have on my thinking, behavior and frame-of-mind), and the walks I take (and what I reflect on when I take them).

But when I thought further, I thought about three other things that have great impact on me. S is for sing. W is for walk. And for a time, I’m going to devote the blog to those two. I’ll leave you to wonder out what E, L and L stand for.

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