Isn’t that a great word!

I owe my rediscovery of the word swell to my friend Ruth Anne. Whenever I ask Ruth Anne how she’s doing, she almost always answers, “swell.” I love that.

So I decided to look up the word and, when I did, I found it to be richer in meaning than I had imagined.

When Ruth Anne says “swell,” she’s using it as an adjective, and the definition is first-rate, fine. I like that. Even though I whine, complain, grumble and sigh, my life is nothing short of first-rate.

But when I dug deeper, I found other meanings. One was when swell is used as a verb (with no object) and means: to grow in amount, degree and force; to increase gradually in volume or intensity, as in sound; to arise or grow within one, as in feeling or emotion.

I have a lot of swelling in life.

Then there is swell, the noun, and one definition is: a wave, esp. long and unbroken, or a series of such waves. Waves! The ups and downs of life described in one word. I live in a swell.

Finally, there is swell as a verb (with an object): to puff up with pride. Hmmm…if I’m honest, that’s me, too. I spend a lot of time swelled.

When I decided to return to regular blogging, I could think of no better name for my blog than swell! So like Genghis Khan and the territories of 12th century Asia, I have occupied it and called it my own (with credit always to Ruth Anne). But it’s more than a word. It’s also an acronym for the things in life that I seem to do most. swell! will be my recollections of those things. Join me.

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  1. Cheri says:

    Given my fascination with words, you know I’d love this one! My favorite word is “serendipity,” but I think “swell” is a great — and truly underutilized — word. Perfect for CJ. Thanks for sharing.

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